A draft amendment imposing a 100-euro fine per month for citizens above the age of 60 that remain unvaccinated for the Covid-19 virus was ratified on Wednesday evening in Greece’s Parliament, with deputies of ruling New Democracy (ND) party and the lesser opposition KINAL social democrat grouping voting in favor.

Conversely, deputies from leftist main opposition SYRIZA, the Communist Party (KKE), the populist right-of-center Hellenic Solution party and Yanis Varoufakis’ radical leftist Mera25 voting against.

Other noteworthy provisions in the ratified legislation are the inclusion antiretroviral drugs to combat HIV in the online prescription system, as well as abolition of prohibitions against HIV- and hepatitis B-infected individuals from adopting minors or acting as foster parents.

KKE and Hellenic Solution voted against the latter provisions, whereas deputies from SYRIZA and Mera25 raised eyebrows by declaring “present”.

Πηγή: in.gr